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shuk ha carmel snacks

1. Bourekas: At the top of the market you can get a flaky smoked eggplant bourkea (look for the Coca Cola sign) along with a hardboiled egg, tomato sauce, ayran to drink and rice pudding for dessert to fortify you for the pushing and shoving that takes place as you walk down the hill.

2. Burik: Grab a burik (you can’t miss the guy on the main drag yelling about sfing and burik). You can thank Libyan Jews for the thin dough filled with egg and potato deep-fried to crispy perfection and served in a pita with a pepper and garlic hot sauce and a pumpkin potato spread: the ultimate carb-on-carb snack. 

3. Falafel: My favorite falafel in the market is smack-dab in the middle of things. 

4. Druze pita wrap:


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