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Shuk Ha carmel shops

I’ve never shopped in supermarkets since moving to Tel Aviv. As someone who works from home, writing and developing cookbooks for myself and others, the computer and cutting board are my most frequent companions. That means that the shuk is more than my market, it’s my daily water cooler. Most days I pop out of the house to the shuk several times, taking a 30-second shortcut through a bougainvillea-lined side street to check in with all of my regular vendors, from the butcher where I buy locally raised lamb chops to the loquat vendor who saves me his best wares and the cheesemonger where I shell out my shekels for local feta that has been produced by the same family for upwards of 150 years.

1.  Beer Baazar: With almost 100 Israeli craft beers you are sure to find a new favorite. Sit at the small stall's bar and have a well-earned tasting after some serious shopping or visit the larger location around the corner for more seating and food (a very, very good Friday morning plan). Rambam 1 St. and Yishkan St 36; 054-796-7995


2. Meat Market: What butcher dreams are made! I come here for everything from a special-occasion T-bone steak to my everyday ground beef (freshly ground and extra fatty for flavor please!) Yom Tov 3; 03-5173086

3. Amrani: If there is a spice or nut you can dream of, Amrani has got it and they've been a destination since 1935. HaCarmel 15; 03-516-1358

4. Davka Gourmet: Located in the middle of the shuk’s central street, Davka is my favored destination for cheese of any kind, from tiny local boutique producers to imported Parmesan. I love the Meshek Schwartz ash-covered goat cheese pyramids.

5. Caffe Tamati: Hands down the best coffee beans in Tel Aviv. You can ask the wonderful owner, Micki, for the "Adeena special," my favorite dark roast French press grind. Yehya Kapah St. 1; 03-950-6858

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