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a very sababa passover menu

This Sababa Passover menu contains tried and true recipes people have been making all year and love, so I know they work and will work for you during this…unusual holiday season. The ribs and cabbage can be made the day before, you throw the soup on the stove the night before Seder, and you might already be making the olive oil chocolate spread as a Corona-era snack. The salmon is a room-temperature dream, and the Preserved Lemon Spread is something everyone should be making anyway – I guarantee you will use it up, so make a double batch. The Matza Toffee Crunch is the only non-Sababa recipe, but it's a fan fave, made with dark chocolate, sea salt flakes, and hazelnuts. Enjoy! 


The following is a list of recipes from Sababa appropriate for Passover cooking. Regarding

Passover kitchen rules everyone has different traditions, so please follow your own!

Kitniyot Eaters (including everything in next list as well):

dukkah p.25

israeli everything spice p.26

za'atar spice blend p.28

salt brined dill pickles p. 32

40-minute amba p.36

tahini smoothies p.86

magical hummus p.116

basic tahini sauce p.120

charcoal-gray tahini p.120

green tahini. p.122

pink tahini p.122

golden tahini p. 122

golden onion, chickpea, and fava spread p.124

lachmajun spiced meat hummus p.130

the best baba ghanoush p.134

grape leaves with quince and barberries p.142

israeli street corn p.148

crispy spicy okra fried p.156

tahini-glazed carrots p.158

medjool date gondi (chickpea and chicken meatball soup) p.167

marak katom (orange soup) with crunchy seeds and harissa p.170

chickpea and spinach harira p.174 (omit pastina or orzo)

cabbage, apple, and pomegranate slaw with cumin dressing p.180

persimmon, goat cheese, and pecan salad with very lemony dressing p.186

rough-chopped salad with yogurt and dukkah p.188

halloumi and butternut squash with crispy chickpeas p.190

lentils with crispy leeks and fennel p.198

jeweled rice p.200

tahdig p.206

crispy sesame schnitzel p.222 (use half almond flour half matza meal or all matza meal and potato starch for dredging)

harissa-honey pargiyot p.224

za'atar roasted chicken over sumac potatoes p.232

grilled avocado and corn salad with avocado za'atar green goddess dressing p.237

rice and beef-stuffed tomatoes p.254

hakosem’s perfect falafel and crispy eggplant steaks p.279 (eat on a salad without the pita)

cauliflower and turnip pickles p.282

amba tofu curry p.284

pumpkin-vegetable stew p.286 (serve without couscous)

fig and yogurt pops with tahini shell p.296


Kitniyot Avoiders:

baharat p. 24

24-hour salted lemon spread p.34

cardamom-kissed schug p.35

hawaiij p.27

honey harissa p.37

preserved lemons p.38

preserved lemon paste p.40

roasted sheet pan cherry tomatoes p. 42

labaneh p.44

pomegranate molasses p.48

zucchini, dill, and feta shakshuka p.54

creamy green shakshuka with crispy latkes p.57

amba egg salad p. 62

preserved lemon-date tuna salad p.62

golden gravlax with creamy cucumber salad p. 67

cheesy asparagus sheet pan pashtida p.72

lemony cauliflower over labaneh p.126

matbucha p.128

pecan-lime muhamarra dip p.136 (use matza meal in place of bread crumbs)

spicy lemony carrot salad p.137

broccoli cottage cheese pancakes p.140 (use matza cake meal in place of all-purpose flour)

long-cooked romano beans, tomatoes and onions p.146

melted green cabbage p.150 (don't use the recommended daiy toppings to keep the recipe pareve)

oven-roasted artichokes and garlic p.152

chilled beet and cherry borscht p.162

overnight chicken soup p.172

arugula salad with dates, feta, and pistachios p.178

sumac grilled chicken, citrus, and avocado salad p.226

shawarma pargiyot p.229 (eat on a salad instead of in a pita)

sour lime and pomegranate chicken wings p.234

root vegetable and medjool date stew p.240 (use potato starch in place of all-purpose flour)

turkish coffee-rubbed rib eyes with seared broccoli p.242

hawaiij-braisedj short ribs with roasted kohlrabi mash p.244 (use potato starch in place of all-purpose flour)

mafroum p.247 (use matza meal or matza cake meal in place of all-purpose flour)

schug-marinated baby lamb chops p.250

mini herb and garlic kebabugers p.252

crudo with cherries and squeezed tomatoes p.260

lemony salmon with fennel and orange salad p.264

moroccan fish cakes p.266

fish in yogurt sauce p.269

herbed fish kebabs p.272

chard-wrapped fish with lemon and olive p.274 (use potato starch in place of all-purpose flour)

charred tomato salsa p.288

fresh moroccan pickles p.289

roasted chirshi p.289

garlicky roasted red peppers p.292

garlic confit p.293

mixed herbal tea p.298

cardamom-cinnamon cold brew p.300

date-sweetened almond milk p.302

thyme-roasted apricots with whipped goat cheese p.332

labaneh malabi panna cotta p.334

watermelon, feta, and mint p.346

olive oil chocolate spread p.350

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