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Tahini Smoothie

With so many incredible juice bars around, it’s no wonder you’ll find Israelis, cup in hand, sipping on a cool juice or shake at any given hour. This is a riff on the rich, milk- or yogurt-based shakes you’ll find on offer for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner in a pinch. If you’re a planner, freeze the bananas. Pit the dates and freeze those, too. Swap in any nuts you like, use regular (or any other faux) milk, or yogurt, instead of the almond milk. Other than the frozen banana and the ice, you can load the whole thing into your blender pitcher the night before and refrigerate it. Just don’t skimp on the tahini; it’s the glue, literally and flavorwise, that holds the whole thing together.


2 cups Date-Sweetened Almond Milk or any milk of your choice

1 banana, sliced, frozen if you have time

4 pitted Medjool dates, frozen if you have time

¼ cup pure tahini past, frozen in cubes in best

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Dash of sea salt


Strawberries, other berries, chopped mango (optional)

Walnuts, cashews, or other nuts (optional)


Combine the almond milk, banana, dates, tahini, vanilla, salt, and as much ice as you like in a blender and blend until smooth; if desired, blend in some optional fruit or nuts for extra richness, sweetness, and color.

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